Monday, 19 May 2014

Ninja Blender Reviews and some Recipes too!

ninja blender recipes
Hello and welcome to my blog, i have created this blog for all you Ninja blender owners and future owners (You will own a ninja blender trust me) out there!

I was given a Ninja 1100 for my birthday a few months ago and ive never looked back, its the best kitchen appliance i own, maybe except the cooker. But it has helped me so much around the kitchen its unbelievable. If you would like some Ninja blender recipes keep reading through this blog for some free recipes.

A good way to test how good a blender is, is by seeing how easily it churns through ice. If that is done easily tthe next test is to see how quickly it can  churn ice. One thing i have noticed with the Ninja blender is that it churns ice with ease and very quickly.

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